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Lakes and pounds

Landscaping & Building Services can build, install and maintain a wide range of water projects and is therefore in the position to undertake a full package of services from lake construction and pond building to retaining reservoir construction. Our professional and highly skilled teams, together with our own earthmoving equipment, will carry out all excavations and landscaping to the project. Drainage details, water supply and overflow features are incorporated using modern techniques and materials to ensure longevity and reliability. Every commission is different and some may include such aspects as canals and waterfalls.

L&B Services has constructed many of these, each individually tailored to the project. In some cases the pond or lake may require puddling with clay, or on more porous soils, the installation of a butyl liner to regain watertight integrity. In these cases we only use the highest quality butyl, EPDM and geo-textiles. Bank erosion and re instatement is often a common problem when carrying out restoration works. L&B Services can offer a variety of solutions such as block and brick edge, exotic wood palisades, stone filled gabions or rockwork.

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