• Edwin Van Cauwelaert
  • Plattesteen 18
  • 1500 Halle
  • T: +32 475 606060
  • BE0436377561


Landscaping & Building Services creates living spaces that reflect the homeowners’ lifestyle, needs and desire for quality. L&B Services aims to provide his customers with complete hassle free building services from loft conversions, home extensions, general property refurbishment, bathroom installation, kitchen remodelling or just some partial property refurbishment projects.

Throughout Belgium L&B Services has transformed the most primitive structures into functional homes. Conservation of our architectural heritage is a key feature of our work, but where restoration and also the sensitive addition of a more contemporary element to a period home are required. L&B Services has the experience to approach the project with confidence and can handle restoration projects of all sizes: from the complete restoration of the most deteriorated structures to smaller scale projects.

Repairing damaged brickwork or re-pointing can not only vastly improve the appearance of a building, but also extend the life of the brickwork. A restored period brick wall is a joy to see and brings some of the original glory and that all important character back to the home.


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